We Can Provide You With The Right Tires

Sure, tires are not difficult to purchase, but you need to choose the right ones. Our professionals in the parts department here at Charles Gabus Ford Inc. know just what your vehicle needs. The wrong tire will hinder your car’s performance and ability to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Weather and road conditions certainly play a part in making the right tire decisions. For instance, winter tires can handle icy and snowy roads due to their tremendous traction, yet this very feature will quickly wear down in warmer driving conditions....
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Get your vehicle ready for winter with these maintenance tasks

Fall may have just started, but winter will be here sooner than you think. One of the important ways to prepare for winter is to make sure to have seasonal maintenance done on your vehicle. Here are some things that need to be done.

You should have your tires checked and have any maintenance done that is necessary. This may include a tire rotation or having one or more tires replaced if the tread is wearing thin.

Have your...
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Schedule a routine oil change today

You may not give your oil a second thought since it is out of sight and out of mind, but it is an important part of your car. You need to make sure that your oil is clean and able to flow through all the moving parts of your car if you want to reap the benefits of great gas mileage and a smooth running car. You should take it to us here at Charles Gabus Ford for oil changes on a regular basis.

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You may have to take it in sooner than that if your oil looks black or…

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2017 Ford Fusion is One Fun, Feature-Rich Sedan

If you've kept pace with our blog page here at Charles Gabus Ford Inc, then you may well recall a post from just a few months back, in which we profiled Ford's sedan-segment standout, the 2017 Fusion.

That said, we hope you saved room for seconds, as that's exactly what we're serving up today!

This time, however, we'll have you pair up with Kelley Blue Book Managing Video Editor Micah Muzio. Hear his take on this Fusion in the clip below:

The level of standard appointment offered by the Fusion's mid-level model -- the Titanium…

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No Hands Needed When Opening the Liftgate on Many New Ford Models

Still looking for reasons to buy a new Ford SUV? Here's one: with the optional hands free liftgate, you won't have to deal with the headache of loading up your vehicle by yourself. Whether you're loading groceries or packing for a trip, the hands free lift gate makes it easier.

It's a simple process. Just move your foot under the rear bumper. After a brief pause so you can move out of the way, your Ford's rear hatch will automatically lift, giving you access to the rear storage area. You won't have to set…

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Stay Connected with the Ford's Sync 3 in the 2017 Focus

Staying connected isn't always easy while you're on the road. If your car isn't equipped properly, your apps and entertainment remain constrained to your smartphone. Trying to use a smartphone while driving can be dangerous for yourself and others.

Ford's new Sync 3 system in the 2017 Focus lets drivers both focus on the road and stay connected. The newly redesigned interface emphasizes ease of use and simplicity, improving the user experience over previous Sync generations.

Sync 3 operates much like a smartphone. If you need to access apps, simply choose the app interface and select…

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Make the Affordable & Fun Ford Fiesta Your Student's Back-to-School Ride

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Starting at under $18,000, the 2017 Ford Fiesta is easy to squeeze into a tight budget when your student needs their own ride. Whether it's a commute to high school, or a move to college, this urban subcompact hatchback has got the verve to fit their vibrant personality.

The 2017 Fiesta is available in a rainbow of invigorating colors, including Blue Candy, and Bohai Bay Mint. It has more than just fun colors—reviewers agree, it's one of the most dynamic drives in its segment. It may not be able to compete with a Mustang on the…

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If You're Still Washing Your Car with Terry Towels, Here's What You Need to Know About Microfiber

You learned to wash your car from your father, who learned from his father before him. You were always assured it was the best way to do it—the right way.

Then microfiber came along.

Though it may sound like a space-age gimmick to many Des Moines car owners, microfiber is the best way to prevent those dreaded "swirl marks," or micro-marring, from appearing in your paint. Each fiber is about a hundredth the width of a human hair, which means a microfiber towel has hundreds of times the surface area of a traditional terrycloth towel.

What that means in…

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The Ford Raptor Satisfies Your Need for Speed in a Pickup Package

When Popular Mechanics rounded up the year's new pickup trucks to choose its 2017 Pickup Truck of the Year, only one came out on top: the new Ford Raptor.

"The new Ford Raptor is to the standard F-150 what The Incredible Hulk is to Bruce Banner," the review said, and it's easy to see how they came to that conclusion.



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If you're in the market for a midsize sedan, we here at Charles Gabus Ford Inc. suggest you do yourself a solid and try ours -- the 2017 Fusion -- on for size.

Will it be a match made in automotive heaven?

Truth is, only time will tell. So, for now, we invite you to check the clip below. Here with more on all things Fusion is Managing Editor Jodi Lai:

Is your need for speed especially voracious? Well, if so, look no further than the Fusion's range-topping model, the V6 Sport.

Standard equipment on this trim includes…

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